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Budgeting for Metal Theft Prevention

Budgeting for Metal Theft Prevention

As the new budget year approaches, facilities managers, property managers and top tier service providers have an important opportunity to get ahead of one of the costliest criminal threats facing buildings, construction sites and public places- metal theft. Don't let your budget get derailed by this costly yet preventable crime. 

The Problem: 

Copper, brass, nickel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other valuable metals continue to be prime targets for thieves looking to cash in. Light poles, downspouts, electrical wiring, HVAC units, and roofing materials are all fair game when effective security measures aren't in place. 

The costs from metal theft go far beyond just the value of the stolen materials themselves. There are typically significant repair and replacement expenses, along with indirect losses from operational downtime, safety hazards, liability risks, and more. 

In fact, annual metal theft losses in the U.S. are estimated to reach into the billions of dollars across businesses, utilities, telecommunication companies, construction firms, and government organizations. 

Be Proactive to Prevent Losses: 

While no one can completely eliminate the risk of metal theft, being proactive and budgeting for proper prevention solutions can go a long way. Taking a reactive approach and just dealing with theft incidents as they occur is incredibly costly and disruptive in the long run. 

As you finalize next year's budget for maintenance, repairs, expansions, and capital projects, be sure to allocate funds specifically for anti-theft products and technologies that protect your valuable metal assets. 

Effective Solutions to Consider: 

There are a variety of proven solutions designed to harden targets and deter metal thieves, including: 


Even a relatively small investment can prevent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in metal theft losses and related damages. Contact End Metal Theft to discover the right anti-theft solutions for you!