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The Metal Thieves Are Here; Protect Your Property Now!

Mar 05, 2024

Jon James

Metal theft is back on the rise as prices for copper, steel, and other metals continue to climb. Thieves are growing more brazen, toppling radio towers, plundering old buildings, and tearing live cables right out of the ground. As Chris Baraniuk reports in Wired, a magazine focused on emerging technologies, metal theft has nearly doubled in England and Wales over the past few years, and experts agree the problem is poised to get worse as more metal-dependent infrastructure comes online. Despite the inability to get accurate data for the US, theft reports are noticeably on the rise. 

What does this mean for electrical contractors, property managers, utilities, and municipalities? Your copper lines and metallic structures may be at higher risk than ever before. But thankfully, there are steps you can take to protect your assets. This is where End Metal Theft comes in. 

Our anti-theft solutions are specially designed locking devices to physically secure metallic structures vulnerable to metal scavenging. Our steel hand hole locks and even more secure Light Pole Vault are easy to install but extremely difficult to breach or remove without authorization. Putting these protective measures in place provides an extra barrier against thieves targeting your light poles, cellular towers, and other valuable metal assets. 

We also offer metal alternatives to provide a more theft-resistant solution to deter would-be bandits. Swapping out standard brass or bronze downspout nozzles for our plastic, bronze-finished downspout nozzles making your property less enticing to steal. Yet our nozzles deliver all the functionality and visually pleasing aesthetic you need for proper moisture drainage. Making the switch to our metal alternative products are a simple but highly effective way to avoid replacement costs and disruption from theft. 

At End Metal Theft, we understand the challenges posed by the alarming growth in metal theft. Our products provide practical, affordable solutions to help safeguard the structures and systems you depend on. Don't leave yourself exposed to the risk and expense of copper or metal theft - take action now to defend your property. Contact us today to discuss how our innovative products can help you protect your assets and maintain continuity of service.