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Prevent Copper Theft in Your Parking Lots:
In today’s world, security is paramount, and our handhole cover (4.5x7) is designed to provide just that. This sturdy locking mechanism is tailor-made to safeguard your valuable assets, poles, and equipment from theft and unauthorized access. Whether you need to secure street poles, construction equipment, or any other valuable items, our 4.5x7 Pole Lock offers a robust and reliable solution. By investing in this top-notch handhole cover, you are taking a proactive step towards protecting your belongings and preventing potential losses.

How it works:
An oversized backing bar with high-strength center bolt secures the Locking Hand Hole Cover to your light pole. The front cover plate is held in place with a key lock, which is partially shielded inside the high-strength powder coated steel body. This protects it from bolt cutters and power tools while keeping the keyhole easily accessible.

Product Features:

  • Beautiful heavy-duty powder coat to withstand the elements.
  • Installs (or removes) in Minutes
  • Pry bar proof
  • Fits Round Or Square Poles with 4.5x7 Hand Hole Cover
  • Tamper Proof Design. No exposed locks or bolt heads
  • Fits 4.5x7 hand holes on parking lot poles, street lights, sports light standards, and much more
  • Extra-long mounting bolts to fit thick, aggregate poles or thin, steel poles
  • Designed to use a round puck key lock
  • Puck Key Puck Lock Included

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